Welcome to Macedonia Baptist College Midland, NC – MBCMidlandNC.com

Macedonia Baptist College is an Independent Baptist Bible College offering online Bible Diploma, Associate, Graduate, Bachelor, Master and Doctor of Theology degrees and Christian Education Diploma and Associate of Christian Education. All classes, homework and test are taken online in the convenience of your home.

Macedonia Baptist College is characterized by: sound doctrine taught from the King James Bible; curriculum emphasizing the distinctives of historical Baptist doctrines; an expositional approach to Bible Study and course loads that can fit into any individual’s schedule Tuition is very affordable at $30.00 per 2 hour of credit. The online classes utilize excellent text books which will build a student’s personal library. Obtaining a degree from Macedonia Baptist College is an educational opportunity that will allow the student to remain and serve at their local Church while completing their education. This will provide practical training that can be implemented immediately in the local Church. The provided study materials can be used to teach and disciple others. Macedonia Baptist College is Distinctly Baptist and Dedicated to the promotion and Defense of Biblical truths held by Baptist through the centuries since the times of Christ. A degree from Macedonia Baptist College will prepare you both doctrinally and practically for Christian Service.

MBC strives to offer educational opportunities to Christians who are unable to attend traditional colleges. Get the training you desire without leaving the ministry of your local church. Macedonia Baptist College is located in Midland, NC (thus the domain name MBCMidlandNC.com)

Most Online courses consist of 12 topics and a final Exam topic. Each topic will consist of a reading assignment from the text book, a reading assignment from the lesson book and a lesson review quiz. The lesson review quiz consist of 5 short answer question and 1-3 Essay questions called In Your Own Words. On the 4th, 8th and 12th topic there is a 20 question Reading Comprehension quiz and several writing assignments. All of the 12 lesson review quizzes and 3 reading comprehension quizzes are open book. At the completion of the 12 topics, there is a lesson review final exam and a reading comprehension final exam. This is NOT an open book exam and you cannot refer to the previous lesson reviews and reading comprehension quizzes. All of the questions on the final exam come from the lesson reviews and reading comprehension quizzes. Just as with the correspondence, the final exams will need to be taken in front of a proctor (anyone who will supervise and confirm that the student took the test in their presence and has upheld the integrity of Macedonia Baptist College) All homework (lesson reviews, reading comprehension and writing assignments, including the final exams) are completed online.

PLEASE NOTE: Any variations from this format will be stated in the course instructions.

There are six pricing options:

North Carolina Resident Undergraduate + Textbooks
Out of State Undergraduate + Textbooks
Undergraduate NO Textbooks

North Carolina Resident Graduate + Textbooks
Out of State Graduate + Textbooks
Graduate NO Textbooks

The cost for the online course work is as follows:

Undergraduate Student – as low as $44.00 per course
Graduate Student (Masters degree, Doctorate degree) as low as $74.00 per course

plus cost of textbook

If you are a North Carolina state resident we must charge taxes on the textbook